Sara Lucy

5 star review

Honestly, as a seventeen year old many people believe it’s incredibly easy to lose weight because of how young I am, but I’ve always had trouble with it. Once I joined this program though, I saw real results and I felt great without any horrible tiredness or hunger at all. I’ve lost ten pounds in just three weeks, and I am definitely coming back to complete my goal of going to 135! Thank you, everyone who works at this actually helpful establishment!
And a shout out to the Nurses for being so sweet and very quick with their shots! 

Gidget White

5 star review

The Texas weight loss center gave me a great first experience. Their staff was very kind, and informative. The nurse who took my vitals was extremely good, she took into consideration my difficult veins when drawing blood, and opted not to restick. ( I’m not good with needles.)
The doctor was informative, clear and concise when we spoke. Definitely would recommend. 

Clarissa Garcia

5 star review

My first appointment went well! Have only been on the medication for 1 week and do see a difference in how much I eat. Everyone was very nice and cannot wait to see more results! 


5 star review

 Alia was wonderful. Great experience 

R C Che

5 star review

Alicia was great staff very helpful

Sylvia Naranjo

5 star review

Love this place. My daughter and I are both doing this togethwr. 

Melissa Ezekor


This place is great. I have been going here for 6 weeks and have lost 20 lbs. I recommend anyone who is having issues losing weight to go to this place. I’m 5’6 and my starting weight was 252 lbs. and I’m still losing weight.

Erika C.


First time here. No wait, extremely clean and presentable. Staff is nice, introduction video short. No complaints here.

Daisy Rodriguez


Love this place! Everyone is so nice and friendly they answered all my questions and concerns, I highly recommend this place. Maria I Rodriguez