medical screening

We Offer Medical Screenings in All of Our Locations

At Texas Weight Loss Center Austin, San Antonio & Houston, we screen all our patients both medically and physically. With routine lab work and an appropriate physical exam we ensure that you receive the best weight loss advice possible.

Our clinical testing is effective in diagnosing underlying Kidney, Heart, Liver and Thyroid disease that may stand in the way of your weight loss goals.  that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.


Why Do We Recommend These Tests?


Our examinations are collectively used to diagnose certain medical conditions including Diabetes, Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism, kidney, and Liver disease. We are fully capable of treating such conditions if necessary before starting your weight loss program. We also monitor the side effects and long term effects of medication that our patients are taking.

In specific patients we may feel the need to further evaluate your heart function with an EKG. If an indication arises we may need to supplement your weight loss program with additional precautions.

Why Trust Texas Weight Loss to Conduct These Tests?

Our testing is conducted by certified Medical Assistants who maintain professionalism at all times to ensure that our patients are comfortable and undergo testing as pain free as possible.